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At Quattra, we offer a variety of marine electronics for commercial and pleasure craft. Raytheon, ICOM and JRC are world leaders in marine electronics. Whether you need an autopilot, radar, GPS or simple marine radio, we can supply what you're looking for. We also service all makes and models of marine equipment. By partnering with Stright-MacKay, we have been able to expand our offerings from not only electronics, but down to the smallest detail items for your boat, such as stainless or brass hinges, or cleats for the dock. Please get in touch with us for details on any item you may need.

marine radio
marine GPS
marine walkie talkie


We have been working with alternate power for the last 30 years. Our market is mainly off-grid and we specialize in 12V, 24V and 48V systems. We have been using solar ourselves for over 30 years to power our remote communication sites. If your requirements are powering a few lights and some electronics in your cottage, or if you want a full-blown off-grid system, we can supply and install everything you need. If you are a systems integrator and are looking for alternate power sources to supply your remote or mountaintop equipment, we can customize a solution for you. Please get in touch with us and we will design a solution that will suit your needs.

communication tower
solar panel
Interstate battery
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